Instruction and Development 


Development Circle: 

I will help you in developing your own intuitive abilities: understanding Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides and their roles in your development; learning to become in tune with your feelings and instincts; learning how to center yourself to achieve the calming  strength of awareness within yourself.  The sessions are developed to provide you with a variety of techniques and group discussion in a safe setting. Because of the nature of these classes the size is limited.  Please be sure to register early to ensure a seat.  Classes are on Tuesday nights from 6-8 lasting 6 weeks. The six week course is $100.00.  All experience levels welcome.    


Reiki Training: 

Levels of training:

Reiki I and II – Held on consecutive Sundays and limited to 8 persons per class. Rate $100.00 ea or levels I & II for $150.00  Class will provide introduction to Reiki I and Reiki II the first and second-degree attunement and explanation about how to heal. All the positions to be covered are explained in detail and hands-on training is given. Upon completion of the classes, you will be able to heal by placing one’s hands a few inches above the body.  You will receive the first and second degree certificate, your students training manual and additional training materials. 

Reiki III and Advanced – Held on consecutive Saturdays and limited to 8 persons per class. Requirements for class: Reiki I and II or prior certificate and interview. Rate $150.00 ea or both levels for $200.00   

Advanced attunements are given. Three symbols are taught. With the help of these symbols Reiki can be sent through time and space. This is also called distant healing. People anywhere can be healed; space is no longer a barrier. Neither is time, because Reiki can be sent to the future and to the past. Intentions can be given energy to help in manifestation. Additional methods of healing are explained. Advanced certificates and student training manuals are provided.  Many healers use Reiki to send healing to our planet. 

Reiki Masters – Rate $ 500.00 Class dates to be determined, limited to four persons per class.  The  Master’s degree for those who are drawn to teaching Reiki. The master symbol is taught and training is given in doing attunements.  The Master’s certificate is awarded and a manual is given.

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