"I've had several intuitive readings from Pattie. I have found her to be spot-on with her messages. I appreciate Pattie's intuitive abilities to connect me to my loved ones."- Peggy R.


"I want to share the  wonderful training experiences that I have had with Pattie Mook. I took the Reiki levels One and Two courses about 2 years ago from Pattie. I had taken a Reiki level One course previous to that but it just didn't resonate with me...I just didn't get it. . When I took it from Pattie her ability to demonstrate and teach the principles just open the door for me. . She has the most down to earth approach to teaching. She speaks a language that is universal to beginner's or advanced students. She projects a very safe environment that just allows you to flow with her information without being overwhelmed with too much input . I would highly recommend taking any class that Pattie were to teach because she is gifted in teaching and  sharing. 

   I have also taken a class on "Meeting your Guardian Angels " and an 8 week Development Circle. They were both wonderful classes. The Development Circle is a "must" It was so fun and we all had such an energetic flow between us during those 8 weeks.We did many different modalities during those 8 weeks. It's something to be experienced.

I feel very blessed that I have met Pattie..in more ways then I could say . "-Nancy J.


"She is incredible.  Compassionate, caring, and spot-on.  A truely wonderful and gifted person."-Kyle S.


"I would like to share how wonderful it has been to have known Pattie for quite some time, as she read and taught at my former shop. Pattie read for many people there and of course, she read for me. Her readings are spot on and always leaves a person with a positive message. Her Reiki classes are great and her Development Circles are very educational and emotionally inspiring. She is the best in the area."-Eileen A


"I met Pattie through my Son and we are on opposite sides of the United Stated.  We have also never met face to face.  But I feel so close to her that when I have a question or just want to say ‘Hello’ she’s there.  Even when she was overseas!

I know when spirits are around, but usually I’m only aware of ones that I knew that were the most recently lost or extremely close.  Well I thought I did until Pattie was in Afghanistan!

One was in my mind twenty four seven in April 2011 and wouldn’t stop.  I usually have to check out what’s going on with them, but this one, I hadn’t seen in over thirty years and I didn’t know where he was.  So off to researching I go.  I found him in form of his obituary.

I immediately got in touch with Pattie.  She let me know that he was trying to get in touch with me.  I can’t explain to you how my heart started pattering.

This man, was the one, that I was suppose to be with the rest of my life and I was too young and ignorant  to know what to do and let someone else separate me from him.

When he did get married (45 years ago) my Grandmother sent me a picture of the announcement and the picture of his fiancé.  She said “Look Sugar, she looks like you.”  I never knew until that moment that my Grandma knew what I had lost, for she never spoke a word.  

I now feel him with me almost constantly and thanks to Pattie I now know he loved me more that I knew and look forward to being with him again someday.

I’m on a search now for a picture of him and that’s taking some doing even with his help.  I don’t think he’s computer savvy………lol.

Thank you Pattie for being there for me and my precious Son, so like his Mother."-Sandra J. L., North Carolina


I was fortunate to be with Pattie when she started harnessing and further developing her gifts. It has been a wonderful journey. We went to a wonderful class together to awaken our intuition and I soon discovered Pattie was extremely gifted. Since then, I have attended several of her classes and development circles; all exciting and informative. Pattie has shared spirit communication with me from several of my loved ones – things no one else would know, providing me with peace and comfort knowing they are safe and always near. –Sharon W.

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